Circular Economy

I’m still in two minds about whether I think the “Circular Economy” is is a useful phrase or not! But it’s certainly popular. So links to the posts I’ve written on subjects relating to Circular Economy thinking are grouped here for convenience.

The Quest for a Circular Economy – March 2020. This post probably encapsulates some of my main concerns with the concept. Written within the context of the Welsh Government’s consultation on Circular Economy, but of wider interest.

Deep Thought and tomato ketchup. July 2020. Circular Economy is the phrase of the moment, so all sorts of random stuff gets lumped in that has nothing much to do with it. This is mosly a post where I get annoyed about Life Cycle Assessment.

The carbon footprint of production and how much it matters – Part 1. March 2020. We know that we need to fly less, drive less, use less energy and eat less meat. But what next? What’s the carbon impact of ‘stuff’? Originally written for Clean Slate, the membership magazine for the Centre for Alternative Technology. This turned into such a long article it spawned a sequel… See below.

Refuse, reuse, repair and share. Part 2 of the carbon footprint of production article, Clean Slate Summer 2020.

Recycling and Climate Change – why every little doesn’t help. September 2019. Really short post, with a nice pie chart of the (lack of) importance of recycling in combatting climate change.

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