Domestic insulation retrofit

Work and life collide in these blog posts which are a selection of photos and musings relating to insulating my house using plant-based building materials.

Sorry bees. Bit of opportunistic insulation that led to a surprising discovery.

A domestic insulation project chapter 3. Weeks of weetabix walls. The phase when the miscanthus-lime went in, and everything started getting warmer.

A domestic insulation project. Cast insulation and warm junction details. A couple of the cast insulation details (joists, sloped ceilings).

A domestic insulation project. Chapter 2. Dust, destruction and a lot more dust. Photos from the week my house started being taken apart and it all got rather scary and real.

A domestic insulation project. Chapter 1 – preparing for chaos. A few pictures of what it looked like before we started taking the house apart.

A domestic insulation project – what materials and why? Explaining a couple of the key details in my domestic insulation project.

A domestic insulation project. Prelude – why am I doing this? The backstory for why I’m doing this.

Lath and plaster and material wastage. Calculations based on what we uncovered when we started taking bits of walls down.

Disused chimneys – to block or to ventilate. Musings and a non-decision!

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