Low carbon building materials

My original reason to start blogging was to highlight some of the things I find interesting in relation to low carbon building materials (hence the title of the wordpress site). I have got a bit sidetracked into various other subjects, but the blog posts relating to low carbon building materials are linked to below. I’ve also had some insulation retrofit done on my house, which I’ve also blogged about.

Posts on low carbon building materials:

Airtightness and natural building materials – part 2. January 2020.

Airtightness and natural building materials. First of 2 parts on how to protect low carbon building materials from moisture damage. January 2020.

Disused chimneys, to block or to ventilate? A conundrum that came up during my domestic retrofit.

Traditional lath and plaster, how much plaster is wasted? During removal of some old plaster, I did some simple maths on material wastage.

Assessing moisture levels in strawbale wallsexperience from carrying out a damp survey in a strawbale house

Insulating solid wall houses using plant based materialssetting up a test wall to measure heat flux across insulation

Little boxes on the hillside – making formwork for casting bioaggregate insulation samples

It wasn’t supposed to be a living wall – sprouting straw bales on a building site

Co-product, waste, or valuable commodity? Straw bale availability for building houses, now and in the future

Plants as building materials – five key questions based on a talk I gave at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, 2018.

This week I have been harvesting house bricks Betty the baling machine works her magic

The great tragedy of science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact why strimming straw bale walls is important

Playing with plaster vapour permeable plaster development

View from the hill – reflections on building the world’s first miscanthus bale house

Domestic retrofit posts:

A domestic insulation project chapter 3 – weeks of weetabix walls. The fun part begins, and a lot of miscanthus goes into my house. September 2019.

A domestic insulation project Chapter 2. Dust, destruction and a lot more dust. July 2019.

A domestic wall insulation project Chapter 1 – preparing for chaos July 2019.

A domestic insulation project. Cast insulation and warm junction details. August 2019.

A domestic insulation project. Prelude. Why am I doing this? August 2019.

A domestic insulation project. What materials and why? A few explanations of decisions made during the project. August 2019.

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